News from 2020

November 2020 - Annual General Meeting

Edgewater was scheduled to have its annual meeting in October, but because of the weather and a lack of quorum, the meeting had to be rescheduled for November. The second time was a charm and the meeting took place on 11-14-2020.

Several property owners joined in person at the community pavillion where Pizza, doughnuts and water was served. Several others joined virtually on a GoToMeeting call.

The new property management was introduced to all attending members. The budget was presented. The new entrance gates code was given. All members were reminded to log in to our portal to get all important documents, news, and meeting schedules, and minutes. Then, a quick presentation by the HOA president followed. Finally, the members casted their ballots in the election to fill a vacant board member position. Two candidates were on the ballot. Chris Redmond was the winner. Congratulations Chris!

September 2020 - New Property Management Company

Edgewater got a new property management company, Texas Star Community Management. With this change, the resident's portal also changed to TownSq. To pay your dues, see if you have a violation, check upcoming board meetings, or read recent board meeting minutes, all you need to do is click on the Owner Login button on the top right of this webpage (and all webpages on this website).

Moreover, you should have received an introductory letter from Texas Star. The letter was dated August 24, 2020. The letter provides you with all the information that you need. If you didn't get your letter already, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

July 2020 - New Stop Signs

With several streets intertwining, the need for safety on the road became a top priority at Edgewater. Therefore, 6 stop signs were added at every intersection in order to direct traffic in a way similar to that of public roads.

June 2020 - New Entrance Signs

With 3 entrances to the subdivision, people had different names for each gate. Some used "1st", "2nd", "3rd". Others used "the Main gate", "the other one". Some used "East", "West", "Middle". Some didn't even notice one of the entrances altogether and counted wrong. In an effort to standardize the nomenclature, new signs have been placed at each gate.

Moreover, with the roads in Edgewater being private (owned and maintained by the subdivision), there was a need to post such information in order to inform the general public that these roads are not “public”. Hence “Private Property – No Trespassing” signs were also placed at each gate.

Finally, with more homes being built in the community, more construction trucks were going in and out of the subdivision. In an effort to direct residents’ and guests’ traffic to the Main gate (aka “Gate 2”), which has the call box, and contractors constructions trucks to gates 1 or 3, another sign was placed at Gate 2 in that regard.

April 2020 - Widening of the main entrance

The main entrance previous upgrade, namely the new Call box, reduced the width of the road and the turning radius of entering vehicles. As a result, the roadway was widened by several feet to make it easier for drivers to safely approach the main entrance and use the call box.

February 2020 - New Call Box

The gate at the main entrance got an upgrade. A new call box has been installed and moved to the middle of the road. The call box allows Edgewater's visitors to search for a resident's name and call them directly. The resident in return can buzz the guest in using their phone, or the call box's cell phone app. Moreover, the new location allows the user to roll down their window and use the call box box without having to get out of their vehicle, walk across the road, step in the flower bed to use the old dial pad.

January 2020 - First Home at Edgewater

On January 1st, 2020, the first home at Edgewater was completed and its owners Kelly and Elie became the first residents at Edgewater. We look forward for more homes to be built and more residents to call Edgewater "home".