Community Committees

Architectural Control Committee:

The Architectural Control Committee (aka ACC) is charged with the responsibility of protecting the integrity of the Association in accordance with the provision of the Deed Restrictions.

Before any structure, addition, improvement or alteration of any nature is erected on the exterior of any unit; the construction plans and their specifications must be submitted in writing and approved by the ACC.
It may take up to 30 days to review and approve/deny your request.

It is prudent to obtain approval form the ACC before scheduling your improvements and obtaining any permits. If improvements are made and your application is denied, you will be asked to remove them immediately. You will also be fined.

Click here to download a fillable PDF of the Architectural Control Committee application.

To contact the ACC, please send an email to:


Welcome Committee:

The Welcome committee looks out for new houses that are being built. As the construction of the house nears its completion, the Welcome committee reaches out to the prospective new neighbor and resident (whether by reaching out to our property management company, or by running into the future homeowners) and introduces itself.

When the construction of the new house is complete, the Welcome committee reaches out to the new homeowners and schedules a date and time to visit with them and officially welcome them to Edgewater.

At the time of the visit, the Welcome committee brings a welcome basket and offer it to the new homeowners.

The welcome basket includes a few knick-knacks as a housewarming present. It also includes a gate clicker the new homeowners can immediately start using to enter and exit the subdivision. Finally, it includes a personalized welcome letter that contain valuable information any new homeowner would need to know.

To contact the Welcome committee, please send an email to:


Safety Committee:

The safety committee, also known as neighborhood watch (or crime watch), is composed of Edgewater members that are devoted to the prevention of crime and vandalism within the subdivision.

The objectives of the safety committee includes:

However, when a criminal activity is suspected, members are encouraged to report to authorities, and not to intervene.

To join the safety committee, please send an email to:


Social Committee:

The social committee is responsible for planning various social events throughout the year with the goal of bringing Edgewater's homeowners close to one another.

To bring neighbors together, the social committee's functions include a wide range of activities:

To join the social committee, please send an email to: