Board of Directors

The HOA board consists of 5 volunteer officials elected for a 2-year term to represent and protect the best interests of the community as a whole. They maintain the value of a jointly owned asset.

They preserve and improve the quality, safety and desirability of the subdivision. Moreover, they are subject to the rules of conduct, standards of behavior, ethical rules, and enforcement procedures that are applicable to all members of the Board as outlined in the Code of Conduct. Finally, they protect and increase the property value by operating the association, maintaining the common properties, and enforcing the governing documents.

The board of directors always welcomes your feedback, comments, and questions.

Elie Azar
Reid Beucler
Vice President
Joanne Claeys
Brandy Coogler
Corey Wilson

President: The President assumes general charge of the day-to-day administration of the association. It is generally presumed that he or she will preside at all meetings of the board and the membership. The president will execute contracts, orders, and other documents in the name of the association as agent.

Vice President: The Vice President is vested with all of the powers which are required to perform the duties of the association in the absence of the president.

Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for keeping and maintaining a record of all meetings of the board and the membership, and is the custodian for most of the office records of the association.

Treasurer: The Treasurer is the custodian of the funds, securities, and financial records of the homeowner's association.