Community Contractors

Tree Service:

Tree services at Edgewater are provided by No Tree Too Big.

Whether we need to remove a tree (small or big), gring a stump, trim a branch, prune a limb, or clear tree debris caused by a storm, Patrick and his team respond quickly.

No Tree Too Big is very reliable, reasonably priced, and the whole team is super professional.

Edgewater's HOA has been very pleased with their work. If you need tree service for your own property, feel free to contact them.

No Tree Too Big:
Address: 6118 Cheyenne Trail, Mabank, TX 75156
Phone: 903-519-1081



Design services at Edgewater are provided by Latimer Designs Inc. Lee Ann Latimer created Latimer Designs in 2014. Latimer Designs provides quality residential and commercial design services for home and business owners in Dallas and northeast Texas. 

Lee Ann prides herself on guiding her clients through the design process by combining their individual style and her knowledge of architecture and interior design, sound construction principles, and timeless detailing while maintaining budget and other necessary constraints. She also provides high quality construction drawings. Finally, she is there to help throughout the construction process from ground-breaking to final selection and installation.

Latimer Designs Inc.:
Phone: 903-368-1167



Handyman services at Edgewater are provided by Garett Lander Construction.

Garett is skilled at a wide range of repairs around the home, the yard, the retaining wall, the boat dock/house. These tasks include welding, carpentry, lot clearing, jetski lifts, boat house maintenance and accessories, fences, minor electrical fixes, etc.

Edgewater's HOA has hired Garett for dozens of jobs over the years and has been very pleased with his work. If you need a trusted and professional handyman (who is also affordable) for your own property, feel free to contact him.

Garett Lander Constructions:
Phone: 903-477-0975